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Vinny Magalhaes put his M-1 Light Heavyweight belt on eBay, and the bids are coming in...

All you need to do to become an MMA fighter is watch this video. But if you want to become an MMA champion, that’s going to be rough. It means you’re going to have to do a few more things that aren’t discussed in that video. You’ll probably have to take few years worth of Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes, and condition your shins with several more years of Muay Thai. If you want to become the M-1 Global heavyweight champion, you have to do all that, and compete while the promoter/director of operations verbally degrades you during your fights, then publicly disrespects you on twitter. Vinny Magalhaes was stripped of his M-1 heavyweight champion status yesterday due to explicitly stating he has no interest in re-signing with the organization. His immediate response after receiving the news was followed by listing his M-1 Global heavyweight belt on eBay for $0.09 with free shipping. For those of you who wanna skip the years of training, you could now become an MMA champion without breaking a sweat. Congratulations to whoever wins the title, now check out the eBay listing if you want to own a piece of history.

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