• Written by Bauzen and LayzieTheSavage

King Mo tells us he isn't a slave to any brand, he's just 'chasing that paper'

Zeus would wager the pink slip to his economy hatchback that King Mo is the only light heavyweight in the world that beat Jon Jones with ease. While the only collateral I have would be a moped with a Wu-Tang sticker on it, I don’t think the bet is worth entertaining the possibility of having to walk to the gym every day. My gym is in another borough, and King Mo is the kind of dude that could level [b]anyone[/b] with a double-leg takedown. If you don’t believe that, we’re going to start putting Ipecac in your coffee until you come around. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of lattes until you start seeing things our way. LayzieTheSavage actually caught up with King Mo, and he wants to let you know how he’s doing since his staph infection that nearly ended his life.

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