• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Mike Pyle's wife says that her butt is the key to their inseparable marriage

High school anatomy is something that should really be taught in college. Once you get to the genitalia portion of the curriculum, teenagers become overwhelmed with laughter and focus too much on whose older brother is going to buy them cigarettes and beer later that week. UFC welterweight Mike Pyle was probably the exception. The dude didn’t need a PhD in science to tell him why he liked looking at Katerina’s butt. It’s the same reason millions of men around the world enjoy looking at Russian girls’ butts every day. In this scenario, the Russian girl didn’t turn around and smack Mike Pyle for being a pervert, but invited him to touch her budonkadonk, and a few months later, they were happily married. It just goes to show you that it pays to be persistent. Thank you, Mike Pyle, for this lesson in chivalry. [Source]

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