• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Randy Couture looks straight out of 'Call of Duty' in this new The Expendables 2 poster

Randy Couture's ear gets first place at the Origami Olympics every year. That thing has a story to tell, and if you get close enough to it, it may spit in your face and steal your wallet. If that scenario goes down, it's considered a great honor in Western culture. It's the equivalent of being lathered in Yak's fat and being invited to dinner, like that scene in Stargate. If you're expecting a clever link to the scene previously mentioned, then you're going to be disappointed. It's on the internet, somewhere. You're just going to have to do the leg work on this one. I can show you this pretty slick video of Kenny Rice giving MiddleEasy props on Inside MMA, but that's about it. Well, granted I could show you this new poster from The Expendables 2 made solely to display the manliness that is Randy Couture. Props to Frank Trigg for the find. Big thanks to Tim Mantoani for the banner image.

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