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Take a few minutes out of your day to watch Chad Griggs and Ben Rothwell beat up some average Joes

I’ve always wondered what would happen when a man who was breastfed by his Gran until he was five met Chad Griggs in a ring, haven’t you? What about an over-confident street MMA fighter’s chances when faced with three minutes in a ring with Ben Rothwell? These burning questions don’t keep you up at night? Ok, I admit, I’ve never really pondered these questions either but it didn’t stop me watching the results of these match-ups in the new web show created by, ‘Standing 8 Count.’ This show asks “what’s the difference between a pro and an average Joe?” and unless you can see into the future I suggest you watch episode three, featuring Chad Griggs and episode four featuring Ben Rothwell below. If you’re really interested, the first two episodes feature ex-UFC fighter Rodney Wallace and Roy Jones Jr.'s Sparring Partner Isaac Salter.

Here's one webisode with Chad Griggs.


Here's another of Ben Rothwell doing what he does best.

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