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Jose Aldo and Pedro Rizzo gave a bunch of kids a super great Easter

Whether you celebrate today as Easter or it is just another Sunday in your world, you can still appreciate the spirit of community and giving demonstrated by Jose Aldo and Pedro Rizzo earlier this week in Brazil. The pair donned some fuzzy bunny ears and passed out candy to over 400 kids in Rio De Janeiro. They even stuck around all day and signed autographs and took pics with the kids. That's a better Easter than I ever had. Most years I had to dress up in some really ugly pastel clothes and take pictures in a giant fan back wicker chair with a creepy bunny that looked like at any minute it would go full carnivorous zombierabbit on me. Every year I feared the coming of Easter thanks to those scary rabbit costume wearing people. I'm scarred for life and I've never made my child take a picture with one of those evil giant bunnies. Let's not think about human flesh eating rabbits anymore, instead take a look at a couple of pics of much happier bunnies passing out candy to some very happy kids. [source]

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