• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This little girl is an encyclopedia of MMA knowledge, and this video proves it...

It's important to note that the knowledge inside this little girl's brain far surpasses that of about 90% of the TUF n00bs we've seen hop into MMA over the past couple years. She's not even old enough to ride Space Mountain by herself, yet she knows how to pronounce Emelianenko with perfection. If this is the new brand of children we can expect, then count me in. I'm down to have 50 little Zeuses running around in my living room, giving me pointers on why Dan Henderson is potentially the greatest fighter in the known universe. We're not sure what generation this toddler falls under, but it's definitely change we can believe in. Note: We published this video when it only had 46 views on YouTube. Just remember that before this video goes insanely viral. [Source]

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