• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

If you think Rashad Evans will sign your picture of him doing the stanky leg you're wrong, sir

Someone needs to explain to me the mindset someone has to be in to approach an elite fighter who is trained in literally dozens of ways to hurt another human being as efficiently as possible with a humiliating photo of him at his lowest moment in the cage and expect him to sign it. Seriously...Not cool dude.

Luckily Rashad played it off as calmly as he could, crushed the photograph like he could've crushed this man's head so easily and moves on with his day like a pro. That doesn't mean we can't witness this unfathomable act of douche fandom in the video below and shake our heads with shame. I'm sorry this had to happen Rashad. You've always been cool whenever I've been around you. Actually, kind of too cool if you ask me.


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