• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

When Ubereem grabs the microphone, cans of Xyience energy drink bow in his presence

At first we thought this Overeem Effect thing was just an anomaly of nature that might only have power over humans within his direct scope of view. We have witnessed it sweep over crowds and cause some men in crowds toppeling over other men to get a chance to touch him. We've seen it in action as it makes tiny women dangle from his arms like little puppets. We've watched it make ring girls facial muscles suddenly contort into catatonic expressions of amazement and climactic bliss. Until today we had only seen the Overeem Effect control the human mind. But now we have new evidence that the Overeem Effect can also take over inanimate objects. Watch this clip of today's press conference and observe the Overeem Effect simultaneously KO two unsuspecting cans of Xyience by merely moving closer to them.

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