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NBC takes a ‘First Look’ at the Gracies Jiu Jitsu Academy with Ed O'Neill, Rener and Rorion Gracie

In 1993, some of us got a 'first look' at Gracie Jiujitsu at UFC 1. We saw a young Royce Gracie stepping into the cage and defeat opponents who were bigger, stronger, and had the striking ability to end fights with their arms and legs that he didn’t. Nineteen years later, NBC is getting around to discovering how cool it is. Not sure what NBC was doing in that nineteen-year span, but I think it had something to do with catching pedophiles seeking out children in chat rooms and publicly humiliating them on television. Consequently, jiu-jitsu accomplishes the same thing if you start at a young age and master it by the time you discover the internet. We don’t care if it’s their first look or not, we’re just happy that MMA and jiu-jitsu are finally getting the attention they deserve. Here’s a video of what Maria Sansone discovered in her first class with Rener and Rorion Gracie.

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