• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

So you’re a fan of Jose Aldo and want to spar with him? Cool story bro

Last week, my elbow looked like an artist’s canvas from the expressionist era. It’s the result of partnering with someone who’s considerably better than me at my local Thai boxing institution. At the end of the night, I thanked my partner for the ass whooping and proceeded to drown my sorrow over a fishbowl-size glass of horchata. A few hours later, I was contemplating what it would be like to work with someone like Jose Aldo and expressed heartfelt glee that I was thousands of miles from the UFC featherweight champion. In the case of Aercio Medina, he actually won the opportunity to train with Jose Aldo and immediately boarded a plane from Sao Paulo to Nova Uniao HQ to collect his battle wounds from the best 145 lb male MMA fighter in the world. Props to TATAME for the banner. [Source]

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