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Watch this newly released footage of Rousimar Palhares' undocumented MMA debut

After Paul Harris yanked Tomasz Drwal's leg and refused to let go after the ref stepped in, I made this image of Palhares as a symbolic offering to a guy that inflicts the fear of broken limbs to every 185 lber walking the face of the planet -- and other planets. The simple fact is if Toquinho gets a hold of your leg, he will cling to it tighter than the years worth of baked macaroni that has a symbiotic relationship to your thighs. Paul Harris is an abominable manipulator of other people's limbs and on May 5, 2012 he'll face Alan Belcher at UFC on FOX 3. However, before that illustrious match-up goes down, check out this newly released footage of Toquinho's first MMA bout, an undocumented scrap against Dimitri Snoopy at some point in the early 2000s. Back then, people called him 'crazy.' Now we know why. Props to Robert J. for the find. [Source]


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