• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

We followed a random MMA fan around at SCC 4, and here's the video... Unfortunately for this guy, it's already been claimed by a 'New media' director named Joshua de la Fuente. In his latest film, he documented a pillow fight in Los Angeles. Don't worry, I've never heard of the guy either. However, there's another self-proclaimed 'YouTube sensation' that completely dominates your perception on what an MMA fan truly is. You may be a card-carrying MMA fan, but your membership means nothing if you've never encountered the 'YouTube Sensation.'

LayzieTheSavage attended Superior Cage Combat 4 in Las Vegas last night which featured an entertaining headliner of Kendall Grove vs. Jay Silva. During the event, Dan Hardy and LayzieTheSavage noticed an interesting MMA fan hovering around the cage. Layzie pulled out the camera and documented the path of the 'YouTube Sensation.' There's even a Dana White appearance towards the end. We think you're going to enjoy this one.

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