• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

Rob Van Dam talks about MMA and Nick Diaz's medical marijuana use

This article started off with me asking LayzieTheSavage 'Who's RVD?' further illustrating my lack of professional wrestling knowledge. My days as a wrestling fan ended when my father told me that everything Papa Shango did before his ring entrance was all scripted and fake. As a pre-teen, I absolutely believed that Papa Shango had a firm grasp on the science of the arcane arts and the WWF just gave him an avenue to display his magic. I was wrong. Wrestling died for me that day -- and all of you should blame my father for murdering it.

After watching the RVD highlight reel that was sent to me earlier today, I realize that Rob Van Dam has every identifying quality to be my favorite wrestler. Now after watching this brief Rob Van Dam interview from LayzieTheSavage, it appears that RVD has a strong appreciation for Nick Diaz and his proverbial middle finger to the anti-marijuana establishment.

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