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Paul Daley is sorry for sucker-punching Josh Koscheck and doesn’t believe in idols

Being banned from a fast-food restaurant is a great way of being motivated to start a diet. If only my local taqueria put me on a "Do Not Serve" list, I'd easily lose the extra 20lbs I'm carrying around since I discovered the place. Unfortunately, being banned from the UFC isn’t exactly the best thing for an MMA fighter’s career. In the case of Paul Daley, it was something we bummed out about for quite a while considering the exciting mix of power and striking techniques ‘Semtex’ brought to the toughest welterweight division in the world. Luckily, Paul Daley isn’t banned from Zuffa, despite what Dana White said about never fighting for the company again. After being immortalized on MMA’s low-light reels around the world for his unsportsmanlike conduct in his fight with Josh Koscheck, he returns to Strikeforce on March 3rd against Kazuo Misaki in a fight with title implications for the winner. Semtex is looking to make this his third straight win, and to be sure he wins by infinitely-looping-gif-worthy KO, he’s set sail to Tiger Muay Thai for the last few weeks of his training camp; where he lets us all know about how he feels about idolizing people.

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