• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

We interviewed Rolles Gracie and Bob Sapp before their One FC showdown, and it was awesome

MiddleEasy is on location half-way across the world in Jakarta, Indonesia for One FC 2, and I can almost guarantee you by the end of the week some winged insect will give me an incurable and fatal disease. It's cool, death is a consequence that I've accepted just to give you guys at home the most thorough One FC 2 coverage imaginable. We've been hammering at your MMA intellect the past couple weeks with in-depth breakdowns of the bouts going down at One FC: Battle of Heroes, along with a collection of snazzy promos that probably made your mouth salivate. Now, we have another video, this time a brief interview with Rolles Gracie and Bob Sapp before their One FC 2 showdown this weekend. Grab a cup of coffee, get a cozy this Thursday morning and check it out.

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