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Even when your opponent is annoying, don't kick him in the head when he's down

I woke up at the Lenox Hotel in Boston, MA yesterday and almost ordered a $24.00 breakfast-in-bed.  I’ve never seen a $24.00 breakfast that consisted primarily of eggs & toast; I even called the lobby to ask if the hotel had accidentally misplaced the decimal point on the menu, but the joke was on me for thinking I could afford breakfast in Boston. I motivated myself to spend that $24.00 to return to NYC; where I could buy breakfast for $3.00, eat it standing up, and have change left over for a pack of Trident Layers bubble gum. Back in NYC a few hours later, it was already lunchtime and any aspirations breakfast on January 5, 2012 were replaced by this plate of Pollo Con Arroz. I’m not sure what I’ll learn from this experience, but what’s infinitely more important is that these kids sign contracts under PRIDE rules the next time they want to re-enact a scene from the Bushido series.

Here's the latest from the crazy night at Hardrock MMA 43, the same event that featured fighters crashing through the cage door below this article:


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