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Watch the LIVE UFC 143 open workouts right here!

Our videographer LayzieTheSavage is live at the UFC 143 open workouts, and we have this live stream of the event going on right now on! Don't even read anymore of this article, just check it out!

Update: The MiddleEasy UFC 143 open workout stream is over, but thanks to the infinite magic of technology, we have the streams recorded for you to watch out. The first clip is a backstage look at what goes down when all the MMA media are sitting around, waiting for something to do. Appearances by Megan Olivi, Ariel Helwani, Rick Lee, Aaron Tru, MMAHeat and Spencer Lazara. Also, there's an incident in which one of the previously mentioned people exhibited a healthy amount of beef towards another MMA media member -- so you may be entertained.



This second clip is a media scrum interview with the former Strikeforce welterweight champion, Nick Diaz. All footage was recorded on-location by LayzieTheSavage. Enjoy!


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