• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

And the winner of our MMA Haiku contest is...

Like I said a few articles ago, if Jesus Christ came back to earth, MiddleEasy readers would vote him down until he's just some homeless long-haired hippie wandering the streets of Los Angeles. Leave it to you guys to vote down every haiku submitted for our Collagen Sport sponsored contest. Well, every MMA haiku except one. Sure there's some controversy over the method this person obtained the thumbs-up, but nonetheless he was the only person that ended in the positive column with 10+ thumbs up when the contest ended. Congratulations MirrorFighter on his win and his 60-day supply of Collagen Sport. Be sure to check out NeoCell for more products that will probably save your life in a few years.

GSP and Phil
Rub vaseline on his back
Mama Penn is mad

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