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Judging from the betting odds, Miesha Tate doesn't have a chance against Ronda Rousey

It's always good to wake up to a story, and it's even better to wake up to a fresh bowl of Acai and my Shoyoroll gi freshly cleaned. Ah, wait -- that's everything I would say if my name was Ralek Gracie. I often wake up under the impression that I've somehow inhabited the body of Ralek Gracie and I instantly feel the need to drop another hip-hop single on YouTube. However, I was met with the stark reality that I'm not undefeated in MMA and I haven't defeated Sakuraba. I'm just a guy that loves MMA betting odds like any red-blooded American out there. Granted, if you're American and you don't have red blood -- you obviously need to tell me the secret of how you changed the color of your blood. I want to know.

Today, it appears the betting lines for Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey have spread farther apart and now Ronda Rousey is a -375 favorite against a +275 Miesha Tate. To put it in perspective, James Toney was only a +350 underdog in Las Vegas before his MMA debut against a multi-title, hall of famer. That's only +75 higher than Miesha Tate, the current Strikeforce bantamweight champion. Below are the odds for the future match-up obtained from Props to Esther Lin for the banner picture.

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