• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Jeff Monson wants to let you know how he feels about America’s economy

The real reason I occupied Wall St. back in October was because I heard they were handing out tacos for lunch and I’m not a man to turn down any kind of taco, let alone the free variety. Nonetheless, I stayed for the entire day and made some observations. It seems like a lot of people kept repeating the same sort of political disgruntlement that Jeff Monson shares with the disparity of America’s wealth and corporate tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. When it comes to politics, people tend to pick whichever side of the fence suits their disposition when forming an opinion, so I’m not going to turn this into a political debate; it’s about as counter-productive as a “pound-for-pound” argument amongst MMA fans which has no tangible determination as to who’s right or wrong. On the flip-side, Jeff Monson wants the rest of us non-Frate Tranes to understand his discontent with America’s economic climate and it wouldn’t be fair-and-balanced of us not to show it to you.

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