• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

Luke Rockhold clears up the 'Keith Jardine mom' incident and talks about his broken hand

In person, Luke Rockhold looks like a guy that knows the words to at least one Bone Thugs n Harmony song. He's not MMA's version of Johnny Cage, leave that to KJ Noons. Luke Rockhold is just a guy that hits people so hard that he breaks his hand over their craniums. Evolution never expected Luke Rockhold to exist. Otherwise, the human species would have developed stronger hands. Perhaps Luke is one of those mutants that appear once every 10,000 years that gives humanity a glimpse of what our species will soon evolve into. According to that explanation, in the future all humans will have 10-1 records and be Strikeforce middleweight champions. Finally, a future I can believe in. The Jetsons had it all wrong.

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Luke Rockhold shortly after we published the video of Keith Jardine's mom attacking someone who we thought was related to Luke Rockhold. It turns out that...well, maybe you should just listen to the interview below. Props to Ester Lin for the banner picture.

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