• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

That's right, this is what you get for trying to prank Frank Mir...

The word of today is albatross. It's most likely pronounced exactly how you think it's pronounced. There is also a family of large web-footed seabirds with that same name. Chances are they cannot pronounce the name of their own species. Big birds can't talk, regardless of what Sesame Street has taught you for the better part of your childhood. That's all garbage. I've never seen a vampire so obsessed with numbers. Dude would never survive in True Blood. The Count will forever be known as the 'Rain Man' of the vampire world. Life is pretty much over for him. He can't get past his personal albatross, unlike Frank Mir who seemed to conquer some THQ programmer pranking him during the production of UFC Undisputed 3.

In an interview with Fight! Magazine, Frank Mir says that even though he's been training martial arts since the age of four, he still packs heat wherever he goes. Heat as in the mechanical device that fires bullets at people, not those thermo-warmers that you throw in your gloves at Winter. Mir also states that he carries a knife wherever he goes, we're assuming just in case he can't find his gun in time. The next time you try to pull a prank on Frank Mir, keep that in mind.

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