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Wait, so you're telling me Ricardo Arona vs. Satoshi Ishii is going down March 11th?

This morning as I roamed through my usual collection of obscure Japanese MMA sites, I noticed Sponichi Annex is reporting that Satoshi Ishii gave the site a brief interview and stated that he's training in Los Angeles, California for a fight with Ricardo Arona on March 11th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. That's right, it looks like Ricardo Arona has finally decided to stop surfing and get back to smashing his fists into people's face for a living. I've included the original, untranslated Japanese portion of the article, and then placed a brief translation after it -- because I'm just that awesome.



The first paragraph talks about Ishii recently losing to Fedor on DREAM's NYE and then mentions that Ishii will face the the 2005 Pride GP runner-up, Ricardo Arona, on March 11th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It also states Satoshi has returned to Los Angeles, California (we're assuming Blackhouse) to train for the upcoming fight. In the second paragraph, it states the bout will take place in an 'MMA tournament' and then talks about Arona's Pride career and that gnarly tattoo Ricardo has on his right side. If your Japanese is polished, feel free to read the entire article (along with a statement from Ishii about Arona) at Sponichi Annex.

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