• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch almost two solid minutes of police dogs attacking UFC fighters

I love dogs, all kinds of dogs, big, small, medium and even other sizes besides those. Dogs are the best. I currently own a handsome male corgi named Eli who will be turning two years old on Wednesday (I bought a can of soft food for the occasion, I love soft food). Although my little furry friend is not that big, he is a decent guard dog, but his diminutive torso keeps him off of the awesome dog pedestal's reserved for John Belushi's K-9 for example, or Jack London's White Fang. Eli couldn't even take on a mountain lion like Old Dan and Lil Ann either (as far as I know). In fact, depending on where the pedestal was located I doubt he could even get on top of it without me lifting him up there. With that said, I will be checking out animal shelters for a decent sized dog that will be capable of attacking UFC fighters in large foam suits like in the video below very soon.

Or instead of buying one normal sized dog I could just buy 10 corgis...Death squad.


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