• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Jason Reinhardt explains how he gave his parents the crabs

My God this Jason Reinhardt storytelling. Last week you guys saw the hilarious video of Reinhardt trying to get Karo Parisyan to smell his tooth, his epic knee practice to combat the double leg and a brief mention in passing of him giving his parents the crabs. Well he is back due to the overwhelming demand that he explain how in the heck he gave his poor parents the awful not so sexually transmitted disease. In kind, he threw on a coonskin cap and made his buddy record him in an odd aspect ratio to tell the story for all of our cringing enjoyment. So...enjoy.

UPDATE: Two videos down in a 24 hour period. Reinhardt's family wasn't pleased with the story (especially the part about his mom) so they took it down. It's OK though, MiddleEasy will be starting an exclusive 'Story Time with Jason Reinhardt' soon!


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