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Rule 1. When Rickson speaks you listen

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Now, grapplers. It's time to be still and listen. It's difficult, I know. You've been training for a while now and you already have some much to say and your helicopter sweeps are coming along quite well. But, for now, un-invert your guard and free your mind. Rickson is speaking.

I kid you not when I say that Rickson Gracie embodies everything great about Jiu Jitsu. And, he's able to articulate with great clarity his tremendous wisdom for our education as students. Our interweb brethren,, with the help of and Scramble, documented on film a highly beneficial conversation with Prof. Gracie. We thank them for that.

His words are as fluid and sublime as his Jiu Jitsu.

Watch the interview with Rickson Gracie!

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