• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Check out this 10-second faceplant KO from Cage Warriors 42 this past weekend

If your name isn't Scott Smith or Rampage Jackson, then it's hard to take a direct punch to the face and it's even more difficult to take a mat to the face. Some people call it a 'faceplant', but once botanists develop the technology to place actual faces on plants, that term will have to be altered. Hopefully that day will never come in my lifetime, but if it does I just pray that I'm in possession of enough explosives to blow-up whatever 'faceplant laboratories ' emerge. There's no place in society for humanized plants, and I will relentlessly and pursue my belief against it. For now, a faceplant entails when one's face abruptly and uncontrollably falls to the mat. If you didn't comprehend that explanation, then just watch this video from this past weekend's Cage Warriors 42. [Source]

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