• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This will be the strangest seven-second knockout you will see this year

Maybe we're all overlooking the fact that there is a Middle Eastern MMA promotion called 'Desert Force Championships' and they apparently have a lucrative television deal. Props for mixed martial arts extending out to the Middle East and an even bigger props for Desert Force Championships being held in an octagon. I'm not sure what intellectual properties are being infringed upon, but good luck for ZUFFA attorneys trying to retaliate against them. It looks like Dehghani the alleged president of UFC Iran finally has some competition. Now we finally have viral clip rooting from the Middle East that will undoubtedly make many of you raise your WTF flags. In this bout, Dita Shaddad attempted to utilize a defense that appears to only be effective in the first six seconds of an MMA bout. However, once the confusion is over, it doesn't bode well for the practitioner. Props to Khaled Abd Kareen on the win. [Source]

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