• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

The first truly hilarious post-UFC show we've ever seen

So there's this guy named Hamid Akira Corassani that's from Sweden and apparently he has no problem walking up to anyone associated with the UFC and asking them life's most pertinent questions. It also appears that Akira is associated with the Swedish MMA website On my way from New Jersey to Los Angeles, I sat next to one of their writers -- although since it's 7:07am here in California, I cannot recollect his name. That's my only relationship with myself and Sweden -- besides the fact that I was roommates with a Swedish chick when I lived in Europe. Oh, Ikea makes some pretty mean Swedish meatballs. I think you get a free box if you purchase a futon from them, and if you don't, just steal them. Yes, MiddleEasy advocates the theft of Swedish meatballs from Ikea. Live with it, and check out this overly hilarious post-UFC show conducted by this Swedish guy that goes by Akira. [Source]

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