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Watch this Marloes Coenen fight journal and fall in love

I'm a girl that likes boys, but after watching this Marloes Coenen fight journal I think now I might be in love with Marloes. I still really like guys though, so maybe it's more like a girl or friend crush. I want to go punch stuff with her and then maybe go shoe shopping and have girly drinks and eat lobster with her. In this fight journal she reveals that she really loves lobster and doesn't get to eat it often in the Netherlands. I'm saddened that Marloes had to go to Red Lobster to fulfill her crustacean craving this week. Red Lobster just does not do lobster its full culinary justice.  I'll admit the Cheddar Bay Biscuits there are extra yummy though. The video was filmed in Columbus, Ohio though, so it's not as though there is some lavish lobster hatchery delivering fine fresh specimens right out of the ocean to the table. Columbus has lots of beer and corn-not really a ton of great lobster or seafood. Check out this video and get excited to watch Marloes defend her title tonight against Liz'Girl Rilla' Carmouche.


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