• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Brian Ebersole missed his cartwheel kick at UFC 127, but here's video of him KOing an opponent with it

According to Brian Ebersole, the arrow on his chest is pointing to his chin to let opponents know how to defeat him. That's the equivalent of a me having a neon sign pointing to my empty wallet whenever I go on a date to alert the chick they will eventually pay for everything.  My friend Eric told me he hasn't brushed his teeth since he was 21. I promptly responded with 'Hey Eric, I will never share a burrito with you again'. Some stuff is inexcusable, but Brian Ebersole's cartwheel kick at UFC 127 gets a pass solely because he pulled it off in a previous bout and KOd his opponent with it. Check out this video of Ebersole KOing Shannon Forrester at XFC - Return of the Hulk. See, it's not that ridiculous, folks.

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