• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

It's safe to say Mark Hunt wins the award for the walk-off KO of the year

You can almost pinpoint the moment that our interview with Mark Hunt turned south. Specifically, it was when our interviewer asked 'What type of Asian are you?'. It's cool, our interviewer is Asian so he can ask those tough questions due to some double-standard racial technicality. Mark Hunt also has a blog in which he charges an astounding $97 membership just to read. But above all else, Mark Hunt just scored an incredible walk-off KO over Chris Tuchscherer, perhaps the best we've seen this year. Still, when it comes to the GOAT of all walk-off KOs, we still have to give it to Hellboy in his flying knee KO of Caol Uno. Joachim was nearly in his locker room taking off his gloves before Uno fell to the ground.

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