• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Dada 5000's second professional MMA bout took place last weekend, and we have the video

Dada 5000 sounds like a game attachment you would put on your Sega Genesis. Look at that, now I just ensured a guaranteed ass beating from "Dada 5000 aka 'Da Spartan'". That's his 'official name' but the internet will probably know this guy as 'Kimbo 2.0'. He hails from the same state of Slice and his head is also uniquely proportioned to have bizarre facial hair/hair cut combos. Dada 5000 made his MMA debut MMA debut roughly a year ago in Hollywood, Florida at the Action Fight League - Rumble at the Rock 2. His opponent, Cedric James, tried to hang in there but was ultimately another victim of the backyard fighting extraordinaire. This past weekend at Mixed Fighting Alliance’s 'New Generation 4', Dada 5000 competed in his second professional MMA bout, this time again Tim Papp. I won't ruin the outcome, but chances are you will probably mass mail this video to all of your friends later today.

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