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Anderson Silva pulls off the front kick to end all front kicks and knocks out Vitor Belfort

Now that you've cleaned the drool from your mouth after that insane Anderson Silva KO of Vitor Belfort, there's just one question that remains -- who's left? At the post-fight press conference, Anderson Silva confirmed that Steven Seagal helped him with the exact kick that knocked out Belfort at UFC 126. Finally, Under Siege has returned on the main stage to successfully render Vitor Belfort unconscious for a short duration of time.

I'm not even sure what to type a this point. What can be said about Anderson Silva that hasn't already been said about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The guy is explosive, destructive and essentially levels any object in his path. It's silly to not consider Anderson Silva anything other than the greatest MMA fighter of all time. To deny that fact would be to deny a part of your own soul. The part that recognizes greatness.

Amazing win by Anderson Silva and according to Dana White, it looks like we're going to see Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva at middleweight sometime this year.

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