The Official MiddleEasy Frate Trane List

I've said this before, but on the eve of bringing back our official Frate Trane list, I'll mention it again. Rankings are senseless, egotistical and elitist. What does the term 'pound-for-pound' even mean? I've been told that it's the potential for a fighter to take on any other fighter in any other division regardless of weight. Even that explanation is just as silly as the notion of journalists dictating who is 'better' at MMA, a sport they've never attempted.

So if any MMA website can manifest their own vague and arbitrary ranking system, so can we. I don't know what pound-for-pound is, but I can recognize a 'Frate Trane' when I see it.

It feels like I'm a member of an elite group of MMA geeks who spaz out on internet memes so unknown that I'll probably never get laid for the rest of my life. Sorry about that guys. Let me enlighten you on where exactly all of this 'frate trane' nonsense originated from. Two years ago, a guy named jkdandforrestfan created a thread on The UG entitled 'Brock Lesnar = unstoppable frate train' shortly after Lesnar put that brutal pounding on Heath Herring. The word 'freight' was so obviously misspelled, yet the author insisted that everyone was just 'nitpicking' over his 'little typo'. For those of you who failed 3rd grade English, 'Freight' is nowhere near 'Frate'. It's like the dude hit the 'ate' key and accidentally pushed enter. I guess you had to be there (or just be an incredibly vigilant MMA geek) to understand.

Now we've established an entire ranking system based on some guy's 'typo' on The UG. Our own Bauzen thought of the idea, and we just ran with it. We won't give any explanation as to why the fighters we chose are on the list. You will just have to accept it, much like the nonsensical idea of a pound-for-pound ranking system. After each major MMA event, our list will be revised (if necessary) and a green arrow pointing up next to a person's name will indicate that he/she has elevated in our Frate Trane List. Alternatively, a red arrow pointing down will indicate that the fighter has lowered in our listing. I know MiddleEasy garners a rather intelligent audience, so I don't have to necessarily tell you that all of this is an elaborate parody on how much we think all ranking systems are senseless.

You can view the official MiddleEasy Frate Trane List on right of every article on You can also view the Frate Trane List on the front page of on the right side of the page. In order to bring up the discussion page of the Frate Trane list, there will be a link on and just below the 'Frate Trane' picture.


0 # Wow 2013-07-05 22:00
I guess middleeasy is growing up, and growing apart.
0 # StgutFree 2013-07-05 22:08
Hopefully your server burns up again and we can't go back to the "good ol days."
+2 # confused 2013-08-21 07:56
I am confused.
+4 # EastSide 2013-08-26 21:23
OK, I guess that I will have to be the first to open myself up to ridicule by posting to the revamped Frate Trane page...

Ben Askren is the man. He is an innovator and a dominator; a true Master Folk-style wrestler. I would like to see him in the UFC and I would like to see him fight Maia for his welcoming bought. If my suspicions are correct, Askren has been keeping the full extent of his anti-jiujitsu prowess hidden from future competition while he spanked the boys in Bellator.

Those of you who do not like Askren, please place your bets on his opponents, that way the odds will pay better when I collect my winnings. Ben Askren has made me a shit-load of cash.
+1 # WestSide 2013-09-14 08:05
Apparently no one cares about the Frate Trane list any longer. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted.

I agree with EastSide, Askren vs. Maia. We will know pretty quickly if Askren's funk is worthy of his current top-ten status.
0 # Arm.Bars.Everywhere 2013-09-20 15:58
I motion that Conor McGregor be added to the list.
0 # Conor McGregors mom 2013-09-28 18:03
Conor can't be on your list for another ten months.
0 # rolento 2013-09-30 13:37
i wanna buttfuck ronda
+3 # Edmond 2013-10-01 08:18
You don't buttfuck Ronda. Ronda buttfucks you.
0 # Derek Jones 2014-08-18 19:40
Why the fuck is Rumble Johnson not on the Frate Trane list. Give me one good reason.
0 # EastSide 2014-09-02 21:03
Rumble Johnson should be on the list.

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