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If you want Roy Nelson vs. Frank Mir at UFC 130, you'll probably get it

Set aside the fact that Roy Nelson looks like his DNA has been spliced with the Gummi Bear lineage. He is still the reigning IFL heavyweight champion and held perhaps one of the wildest looking belts in MMA (the studded snakeskin needs to make a comeback). If stomach mass was an accurate representation of MMA skill, the dude that runs the comic book shop next to my place would have been the linear super heavyweight champion for a decade now. For Roy Nelson, somehow this scientific anomaly is true and now with his contract finally settled by ZUFFA (you all remember how Roy Jones Jr. claimed that Nelson was under contract for him, right? Good, you've passed your MMA fan exam for today), he looks to prove that his waist size is congruent with his skill level of MMA.

Now reports are surfacing that Roy Nelson vs. Frank Mir is being targeted for UFC 130. Keep in mind that this event is the same card that is rumored to feature the Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard rematch and Rampage Jackson vs. Thiago Silva so get your $59.95 locked-and-loaded to leave your wallet come Memorial Day. [Source]

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