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Now that Cain Velasquez is out for 6-8 months, the UFC HW belt goes on hiatus again

Cain Valasquez has a 90% torn rotator cuff and could be out up to eight months. My god, this UFC heavyweight title. If that prediction comes true and Cain will be unable to defend his title until August which would mean the UFC Heavyweight title has only been defended five times in four years. On March 3rd 2007, a young Randy Couture took the belt from Tim Sylvia. He defended it in fairly short order against Gabriel Gonzaga that August of 2007. That's one title defense, but if you remember, he took his belt and left the UFC for fifteen months until he lost the belt to Brock on November 15th 2008. Brock puts the belt around his waist, does whatever he does for right months, then rematches Frank Mir at UFC 100 for the third total UFC heavyweight title defense. Lesnar's intestines started to leak out of his stomach and he was benched for nearly an entire year. In July 2010 Shane Carwin punched Brock Lesnar an insane amount of times, but ultimately lost to a submission in the second round via Brock's massive arms making that the fourth title defense. In the quickest defense in nearly three years, a bearded Brock took on  Mr. Brown Pride and lost on October 23rd 2010. So, if Cain defends in August 2011, that comes out to six UFC heavyweight title defenses in four years, or 1.25 times per year. Insanity, and still almost five times the amount title defenses for Strikeforce's belt in the same timespan.

I guess we can collectively put a hold on the anticipation we reserved for Junior Dos Santos to bang against Cain Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight title. Don't be surprised if we see the return of yet another UFC interim heavyweight title and if the planets align in 2012, James Toney will be in the mix, side-check kicking everyone in the division. [Source]

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