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Cesar Gracie's response to Mayhem Miller will make your brain explode

We live in some amazing times when the first sentence of a statement makes you want to run out your front door and jump-kick the first living organism you see, regardless of size. Earlier today, Mayhem Miller made a statement on Sherdog Radio in regards to Nick Diaz not fighting him at 185lbs. Within a few hours, Cesar Gracie made a statement that is so damn clever, I may need to steal his brain and attach it to mine, Sylar style. The entire statement has been placed on for your enjoyment.

As Jason Miller's rantings become more intense and pathetic, we found it important to refute his incoherent diatribe with reasoning that any child or even Jason Miller himself could understand.

Miller is now demanding a fight with Nick Diaz based on several reasons, none of which include the most fundamental of factors; actually earning a shot at the Champ by working your way up as a viable contender.

Miller has already lost to the only Team Graciefighter he has ever faced; Jake Shields. After the lopsided defeat, Miller was less than gracious, prompting Shields to respond, "I’m on to bigger & better fights like always. I mean ur last real win was when you beat up your girlfriend and got arrested"

Jake Shields then went on to defeat highly touted Dan Henderson. Henderson had routinely used Miller as a human mop to clean the mats with at Team Quest in Temecula, California.

After Shields' victory, Miller decided to demand a rematch he had no chance of ever earning. (sound familiar) This time Miller was foolish enough to interrupt Shields on national television after the greatest win of his career.

Miller subsequently received a deserved thumping from some of Jake's team mates which even UFC President, Dana White, commenting on Miller stated, "you've got this f^*@ing goofball running in saying "Hey where's my rematch?", well what did you think was going to happen?"

Miller went on to use the post fight "jumping" as the basis for a match with Nick Diaz. Our camp offered Miller a fight at any weight behind closed doors with Diaz if Miller was not able to move on from his issues with him. Miller has instead crusaded for a payday fight. Publicity stunt?

Nick Diaz being the 170lbs Strikeforce Champion will fight anyone the organization puts in front of him. This includes Jason Miller. Miller has declined to make the 170lbs weight limit he has previously fought in.

Jason Miller has asked Nick Diaz to fight at a "catch-weight". Miller stated he would fight at the same catch-weight that Diaz had previously fought in. Strikeforce approached our camp with Miller's request and we accepted the same weight as Diaz's last catch-weight, 178 + a 1 pound allowance for 179lbs. Diaz has never fought over 180lbs. Miller then changed his mind and declined.

Now wanting the fight at 183lbs (184 with a 1 pound allowance), Miller told anyone that would listen that "Diaz had fought on several occasions at 183lbs." Hoping that if he lied enough people would actually beleive him, Miller continues to lie.

Lastly, a desperate Jason Miller has pulled up an interview where Nick Diaz stated that besides 170lbs, he would be also interested in fighting at 155lbs, and 185lbs sometime in the future. Citing this, Miller has become manic in his insistance that Diaz is ducking him. We wonder if Jorge Gurgel will next cite the same interview as a demand Diaz drops down to 155lbs immediately for a fight or he will also be ducking him?

As the Strikeforce Champion, Nick Diaz will fight at other weight classes, but only against relevant contenders and champions not irrelevant non-contenders. When Dana White talks of GSP fighting at middle weight, he means against the Anderson Silva's of the world not the Mayhem Millers. If Miller ever signs with the UFC we would truly like to see Dana's reaction when the man he refers to as "that F^@*ing goofball" calls out their Welterweight Champ to fight him, a non-contender at middleweight. Good luck Miller.

So we're reduced with two elements: Mayhem Miller's refusal to drop to 178lbs and Nick Diaz insisting that he shouldn't have to fight at 185lbs if he's called out by a 185lber. It's safe to say that if this bout does go down, Strikeforce could easily use it to headline a PPV event. Easily, folks. [Source]

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