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Minowaman is pulling in 750,000 yen a month in Japan

While millions of Americans throw down cash every October to cover their face for a night, it turns out Minowaman is getting paid 750,000 yen a month to don a mask about ten times a year. Some people in the seedier parts of LA wear masks for free, and that isn't a subject that needs to be delved into on a cold Monday morning in Chicago. It turns out in a recent Twitter conversation the proverbial cat was let out of the bag, and the cat happened to be a tiger. Minowaman is now one of the most popular Pro wrestling stars on the American colony of Japan, Ikuhisa Minowa is: Tiger Mask V!

What does any of this even mean? Well my gaijn friends, two things. One, the Japanese don't have very clever names and two, Tiger Mask just happens to be one of the most enduring Japanese personalities of the last 40 years, Tiger Mask had a run in the late 1960s as a popular manga and went on to have multiple successful anime shows on Japanese TV. In the 1980s, Tiger Mask bled over to the ever popular Japanese wrestling industry, churning out four legends to take up the mask over the last twenty-five years, each dude grooming a subsequent replacement, not unlike some sort of animal costumed fake fighting royalty -- and it just so happens the new one is our red speedoed Super Hulk Champion, Minowaman. It looks like Minowaman is making enough money to bail out FEG. 750,000 yen a month roughly works out to $8,982.14, and that's for part-time work. If you're savvy with Japanese, check out the Twitter conversation of Shinya Aoki and a few other Japanese fighters discussing the recent revelation.

On a side note: Tiger Mask was actually going to be a character in Street Fighter II, and the character of King in the Tekken series of video games, was based on Tiger Mask, which intertwines that game with MMA even more after Roger Huerta and Cung Le recently played roles in the movie adaptation. Meh, I was always a Virtua Fighter guy. [Source]

Update: Shinya Aoki trolled the MMA world on Twitter. Minowaman makes 750,000 yen a month, not 75,000,000.

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