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The Nogueira Brothers have their own online MMA game, and it's addictive

I've long held that if any dairy company would like to push their egg nog into the 18-34 demographic market, they would have to look no further than Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and his smaller genetic incarnation, Antônio Rogério Nogueira. Big Nog and Lil Nog could collectively run the egg nog industry from now until the black hole in the center of the universe sucks us all in. The egg nog industry would be on permanent lock, if only they would let the Nogueira brothers represent them. Until then, we have to deal with inferior dairy manifestations like Yoo-Hoo, Starbuck's Latte, and that bottled milk shake in 7-11 that always seems like a good idea at the time until you realize that you've just ingested a life's worth of artificial chemicals and there's no amount of regurgitating that will fix it.

The Nogueira Brothers have turned to the digital realm to spread their form of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and have created a free online MMA game which plays like an online RPG/simulator similar to Farmville. In the game, you create your MMA fighter in all of his/her sixteen-bit glory and then you are presented with a fully interactive city, complete with an unimaniable number of MMA training facilities all within a few city blocks. Players start off with '500 credits' which can be used to train at a variety of gyms that each teach different disciplines of martial arts. Within the city, there are online stores where you can 'upgrade' your gear and purchase 'Minotauro Sports' apparel. When you're ready to compete, there's a massive MMA stadium in which you can challenge other players for more 'credits' and gear.

Once you understand how the game operates, it's easy to see how it can rob countless hours from your day that could be better utilized pushing papers or sending off emails to people you never intend to talk to in real life. Try it out for yourself, the company is currently looking for advertisers, so if you feel like seeing your logo represented in a sixteen-bit world, this is your shot. [Source]

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