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If you break down Velasquez vs. Lesnar based on astrology, things get pretty interesting

Years ago, I had a college professor that told me pseudo-science exists because soccer moms are too lazy to open up a text book. This same guy also told me how he opened up a fortune telling shop in Washington just to pay his way through graduate school. He knew it was all rooted on baseless and generic statements that forced the listener to build an emotional connection with him. Everyone wants a little positivity sprinkled in their life, and if spending $20 for ten minutes is the emotional boost you need, so be it. Everyone needs a mental crutch in this handicapped society, including your BetUS account. According to Bumbaclot on The UG, Brock Lesnar will win his UFC 121 bout against Cain Velasquez based on astrological signs.

Brock Lesnar, July 12th, 1977
Brock's sun is in Cancer
Mars is in Taurus
Mars is the most important aspect of a fighter's zodiac.

Cancers are the greatest warriors of the entire zodiac bar none. Not necessarily the most skilled but their tenaciousness, gameness and emotional power alone more than enough make up for it.

Randy Couture. Sakuraba. Brock. Wanderlei Silva. Ricardo Arona. Vitali Klitschko. Ernesto Hoost. Tyson. Jack Dempsey. Julio Cesar Chavez all have their sun in Cancer.

However, Cancer in itself is a water sign. It can go through too many up and downs but when a Cancer fighter is on point it's like a tidal wave that will just crash through his opponent. That is why some of the hardest punchers in history are Cancers. Wand, Vitali(highest KO ratio in HW history), Tyson and Dempsey. Cancer fighters are often trying to kill their opponent. Just look at the execution that was Vitali Briggs. Vitali had no mercy. Most fighters would've asked the ref to stop the fight already but not Vitali. He wanted to kill that dude. You can go check out Dempsey vs Willard for another example as well. btw, most serial killers are also Cancer.

For a Cancer to truly be great though, they ideally need to have a fixed earth sign ot keep their emotional energy in check. Brock's Mars is in Taurus. the most grounded Earth sign. Mars is the warrior planet that determines the stamina and heart. Brock's Mars in Taurus basically helps him keep a calm head through tumultuous situations and will give him amazing stamina.

Brock has some of the best astrological alignments for a fighter. He was born to fight... that is why he is such a natural.

Now let's look at Cain Velasquez,
July 28, 1982

Cain's sun sign is in Leo. The lion. A powerful fire sign...... however Leos are full of hot air. They appear to have great external strength with their lion-like features and powerful builds they lack truly substantial strength that will carry them through. unless they have a beastly ascending sign like Capricorn or Taurus to ground their fiery sun. Paul Williams, Riddick Bowe, Ken Norton and Michael Grant are some of their best fighters.

Cain's mars is in Libra. Libra's are very balanced and controlled people. His aggression is going to be controlled throughout the fight. However, Libra is actually a relatively weak sign, so Cain's energy level despite what you may see at this point is actually very up and down. He doesn't have the steady explosive energy that Brock will have.

My prediction is Cain wilts in the 4th round if he doesn't get blown out early. It will be TKO victory for Brock.

Feel free to stake your November's rent on a horoscope reading. There's also a forest of evergreens that needs chlorophyll. Damn, I always mess up that saying. [Source]

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