• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Aleksander Emelianenko was tested for hepatitis and we have the results...

He's negative! There's no trace of hepatitis inside Aleksander Emelianenko. Of course, we can always throw on our tin-foil hats and assume that these tests have been photoshopped and we're getting trolled, but that would involve an incredible amount of paranoia. StefaWalk has published the results of Aleksander's blood work and it looks like he's clear to compete at the November 'Gala MMA Zone Walk M & W show' in Lodz, Poland. We're still not sure if Aleksander authorized for his medical records to be published on the internet, this has to be breaking some sort of patient/doctor confidentiality agreement. However, in mother Russia, confidentiality agreements break you. [Source]

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