• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch TUF 12's Bruce Leroy compete in DaDa 5000's underground fight league

It’s early in this season of The Ultimate Fighter, but you can’t help but like Bruce Leroy’s smile. If I were the marketing mogul for Crest toothpaste, I would slap a logo on this dude’s shorts wherever he fights for the rest of his MMA career. Instead of holding up a can of energy drink in his post-fight interview, he should be holding a toothbrush and a smile. Anyone would be forced to go to the bathroom and brush their teeth with Crest toothpaste. Check out this video of one of his earlier fights in DaDa 5000's backyard before he discovered his trademark smile. Even if the win doesn’t count since it’s an unsanctioned event, the guy has some solid BJJ.

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