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Your life will change after you watch this Grachan promo video

Today is the day in which your eyeballs will explode in their sockets and your iris will do backflips in mid-air. You've heard of Dream, Deep and Shooto, but nestled in Japan is an upcoming promotion called 'Grachan' and they just revolutionized the science behind creating a promo video. Whenever you have rapping vampire pirates, you've definitely tapped into some trans-dimensional realm where rapping vampire pirates is an acceptable part of society. In fact, I don't think a rapping vampire pirate ever existed until the release of this promo. Grachan just created a new Dungeons and Dragons character.

Grachan 5 takes place on November 7th and will air live on Ustream. It appears to be a mixture of kickboxing and MMA, and apparently a 19-year-old Korean phenom will be participating in the event. Now check out the official promo video of Grachan 5 and have your life enriched. [Source]

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