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Sarah Kaufman's Powerbomb made it on ESPN Sportscenter Top Ten

The last time women's MMA had this much mainstream coverage was August 15th at Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg, the only Strikeforce card that featured two chicks headlining an event. I don't think anyone should get offended with the word 'chick'. It's the female equivalent of 'dude'. It might make sense to you, but try telling that to the blitzkrieg of emails I'll receive later today from women who claim that the word 'chick' is blatant chauvinism. Here's another word I'm going to use to describe Sarah Kaufman: Unstoppable Frate Trane. It was derived from a post on the UG describing Brock Lesnar after his performance over Heath Herring. No one should be offended by that. Besides, I'm a feminist at heart. I even know who Laura Mulvey is. Beat that random chick that will email me sometime today.

Check out Sarah Kaufman's Powerbomb making it on ESPN Sportscenter Top Ten list at number four. Props to Snedds for the find.


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