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It was only a matter of time before Hong Kong made their very own MMA movie

It was only a matter of time before Hong Kong made their very own MMA movie

For some reason, everyone in the world has been struck with a debilitating case of the 'Mondays' today. Your brain cells aren't prepared to start an entirely new week this early in the morning. Suddenly you've realized how absolutely mundane your office job really is or how mind-numbing it is to sit in a lecture hall as your professor drones on about topics you hardly understand. There's nothing to cure the Mondays aside from patiently waiting it out. Nothing will be accomplished today -- nor will the world of science stumble on any ground-breaking discoveries. It's Monday, the day in which other days of the week shun. Hopefully this new Hong Kong MMA movie called 'Unbeatable' will bring some light into your relatively dark Monday.

Last year I visited Hong Kong this week. Bad news, there's not a giant autonomous Bruce Lee robot that greets you the moment you enter the city. Lost opportunity from the Chinese Board of Tourism. If Coachella can produce a holographic Tupac, the least China can do is give us Bruce Lee in the form of a black and yellow tracksuit-wearing cyborg. Oh wait, they already did that. However, Unbeatable is a step in the right direction for Hong Kong -- at least for MMA fans. Check out the trailer from the upcoming English subtitled flick.

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