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Randy Couture claims the Fertitta brothers are 'using' Dana White to verbally attack others

Randy Couture claims the Fertitta brothers are 'using' Dana White to verbally attack others

There's a highlight reel of a guy named Lorenzo Fertitta on YouTube. The dude is a running back for Bishop Gorman Gaels and judging by the way he dusts his opponents, he's pretty damn nasty on the turf. Lorenzo plays on the junior varsity squad of his high school, but unfortunately he's not a self-made billionaire. See, there's this other guy named Lorenzo Fertitta that has a lot of money and abnormally meaty arms. He's also the CEO of ZUFFA and he doesn't care that you missed last night's episode of True Blood. He missed it too, so did I. Sometimes these things happen in MMA. While you're thumbing through your DVR, check out this Sports Illustrated interview in which Randy Couture claims the Fertittas are 'using' Dana White.

Of course it was hurtful. That's how Dana operates. That's the sword that he wields. That's how the Fertittas use him. They know how he's going to react. They know he's going to say the things he's going to say. He goes out of his way to be hurtful, to be insulting, to drop F-bombs and try to push buttons. That's how he operates. He's very predictable in that regard. At the press conference for Fight Master I thanked him for creating such a media storm for the brand new show. And since then we haven't heard a word from him. [...]

But this is how Dana operates. I don't operate that way. It's not personal for me. It's about making the best business decisions I can for my brand and for the sport of mixed martial arts.

If you listen real close, you can hear Dana White's esophagus ticking down until it will eventually explode at the next UFC press conference when someone asks him to follow up on this statement Randy Couture made about him.

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