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In Italy there's a new sport called 'Fight Soccer' and it's exactly what you think it is

In Italy there's something called 'Fight Soccer' and it's exactly what you think it is

Hey guys reading this from VICE, give @Garylaplante a one-way ticket to Tuscany, Italy and he will emerge years later as a folk legend that will be talked about for generations. In fact, start your next season off with it.

It's called 'Calcio Storico Fiorentino' and it features boxers, soccer players, and MMA fighters all duking it out in the sand while attempting to simultaneously play what appears to be a friendly game of rugby. It's also important to note that nothing about this seems safe. In fact, it's the exact opposite of safe -- if there was a word that implied more danger than 'dangerous,' it would be used in this case.

The object of the game appears to be to get the ball to the other side of the field without getting your cranium smashed in by someone's fist. Judging by the crowd of this new sport (which is exclusive to Italy), it's on its way to becoming the greatest way to unintentionally lose all your teeth while wearing coordinated outfits. Sorry hockey.

Just a few days ago in Calcio Storico 2013, teams 'Verdi' and 'Azzurri' had a pretty confusing, but entertaining match that involved more than a few soccer kicks in every sense of the phrase. Check out the entire match below and if you want to know more about this new Italian 'Fight Soccer' craze, check out our bud's website at

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