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The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

What people fail to realize is the concept of morning isn't a temporal phenomenon, it's a state of mind.

Therefore what you perceive morning to be could actually be different than what I believe morning is. Morning for me could actually be the color of a kitchen table, or the taste of an apple. Therefore when we say we're releasing the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, the only requisite for it is actually to be released on Sunday. According to that train of thought, the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill is always on time -- all the time. Enjoy.

  • Just found out the UFC has been planning to hold Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping in Manchester, England for quite some time. The problem is Michael Bisping hasn't been able to string two consecutive wins since 2011. According to the UFC, Bisping getting two straight wins against a 'top ten middleweight' is the only way they can justify the bout. Although, with what we've seen in the UFC recently, any title bout has an equal potential of literally happening at any given time. Yesterday the UFC hinted they want to return to Manchester by the end of 2013. Barring Silva defeats Chris Weidman, don't be surprised if his next opponent is The Count.
  • Another pretty interesting note, apparently the UFC really went after Warner Bros. to get some of those advertising dollars inside the Octagon for UFC 161. Although the UFC's pursuit was pretty relentless, WB didn't budge in their stance. Bummer.
  • This isn't even a joke, but EA Sports UFC may have a mini-game for TRT usage inside (and out) of the Octagon in the game. If not for TRT, other avenues of the 'fight life' that most combat sports games have overlooked.
  • There have always been talks of ZUFFA purchasing Invicta FC since the inception of the all-female organization. A few people have told me it may happen soon, but egh -- still not convinced.
  • This is more conspiracy theory than actual rumors, but some people out there believe TJ Grant will unexpectedly get 'injured' just before his upcoming bout against Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis will fill the spot.
  • Ken Shamrock and Wargod promotions plan to team up once again to promote another event. Apparently Ken Shamrock was inspired by Nick Diaz's 'War MMA' promotion.
  • Two Shamrock stories in one SMRM? Beyond bizarre. Over the years Frank Shamrock has been heavily investing in the mobile device industry and financially it appears Frank is on his way to being a smart phone/pad peripheral tycoon. Yeah, strange, we know.
  • Although we're already seeing it, if War Machine gets passed Blas Avena in this week's Bellator 96, expect the organization to heavily promote him and his 'idiosyncrasies.'
  • Rory MacDonald may have a line of custom-tailored suits and bow ties created and sold in Canada. Weird? Yes.
  • Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, and Fedor will probably be in EA Sports UFC.

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